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Because I Care
I Care that We Care
Mia David assistant professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad
I Care that We Care
You have told me that the topic is Because We Care. However, it sounds odd in the Serbian language, so you have nevertheless translated it in singular: zato što mi je stalo (Because I care).

It is interesting that it sounds unnatural to us that we should care about something together, that something is of common importance to us. Particularly because both of us belong to the generation that grew up at the time when community, unity was implied by default. Is it possible that we care only for our own desires, that they are always put ahead of the common good?

It is also interesting how a casual language remark can actually be a diagnosis.
And just like that, out of many things that I care for, this one perhaps seems the most important one. The feeling that I belong somewhere; that I can share something I believe in with someone. However, I can also belong somewhere where I do not fit into; have a feeling of a safe place; a place where we respect each other irrespective of all differences; a place where I care for something which is also important to other people, even if I don’t care for it so much. That’s what we have lost.

This city that I love with the true, deepest love which is implied by default, is not that place any longer. Belgrade is presently so sick and somehow contagious that the primal urge of self-preservation is to run away as far as possible. But, when you love, you don’t run away, but you fight instead, even if you lose that fight again and again. You keep on fighting. Because, it is not a matter of choice, but is rather a matter of love and faith.

And, I care that we restore that feeling. I care that we care. I care that we cure Belgrade, and make it again a safe place for all of us.
Mia David
assistant professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad