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Because I Care
Responsibility starts with us
Dr Ana Martinoli associate professor at Faculty of Drama Art
Responsibility starts with us
The end of a year and the beginning of a new one is the time of inspiration, encouragement and motivation to correct ‘old’ (recurring?) mistakes, to do something fresh, different, better, to make decisions, famous ‘resolutions’, which will enable us to live life of better quality and more fulfilling. In most cases, the resolutions refer to ourselves – how to be healthier, more relaxed, how to spend better little free time and money we have, how to read, walk, rest, cook, go out more (we can choose several options). Rarely do our New Year’s resolutions concern groups, communities, any form of collectivity we don’t belong to according to our family line. Overjoyed with splendour of New Year’s decorations we arrange in our apartments, we forget that the space we belong to and which also needs to be taken care of begins right in front of our doors. And this care is much more complex than lighting shiny light bulbs.

We are all prat of the global community and we are all responsible for the issues such as environmental pollution, global warming, climate changes.

I want our planet to stay healthy, clean, green and full of most amazing animals. This is why I have participated in the WWF activities every month for years, thanks to the option Adopt an animal. I want to believe that at least one polar bear today is waiting for Christmas holidays because I care about it.

So, maybe this year we may expand our New Year's resolutions with some kind of activity, engagement or, at least, a donation that will be directed not to our personal needs and ambitions, but to improving the living conditions of this magnificent Planet we share.

If you find global issues too ‘distant’ or too abstract, I am sure we can find something else we care for ‘much closer to home’. Actually, there are important initiatives taking place literally in front of our building entrance. One of the most inspiring discoveries in 2018 for me was awareness of the importance, power and influence of a small, local community on the quality of life. Our everyday life can become better because we care about the community we live in.

Thanks to the imaginative, courageous, selfless individuals and their actions, I began to believe that if one entrance, one building, one street join forces – if they come together about the common interest and the goal - the change comes immediately and it is clearly visible.

Trash Hero Beograd is a local branch of a global movement that aims to bring citizens together in the actions of cleaning their immediate environment. Almost 400 citizens from different parts of Belgrade have gathered in as many as 14 actions in the year that passes, including also cleaning of the Sava Lake. They have cleaned together more than 5 tons of garbage.

Similarly, the action Kritična masa, reactivated by the citizens, means a group ride in the streets of Belgrade aimed at raising awareness of the equal participation of bicyclists in urban traffic.

So, my resolution in the very end of the year 2018 is to dedicate the next year not (only) to my wishes, intentions and goals, but to us – neighbours, fellow citizens, people I share with my working and living space.
Because I care (for the city I live in to be cleaner, better arranged, adapted to all of us who drive anything on two, three or four wheels, run, walk...), in 2019 I will become a Trash Hero for my block and finally ride a whole cycle of Kritična masa. I promise!
Dr Ana Martinoli
associate professor at Faculty of Drama Art