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Why have I decided to become a donor?
Civilization Bon Ton
Jelena Milašinović, Belgrade Philharmonic’s PR Manager
Civilization Bon Ton
I do not know of anyone who has been waiting for the most important call in life, or any person who has helped someone to make the phone ring as soon as possible by making an organ donation decision during lifetime. Does this ratio mean that I have been lucky so far? It certainly does. But is that enough? No, of course not.

I would like to live in a community in which the level of social engagement is not measured by the standards of personal involvement, i.e. personal problems, as society is not an invisible general place, society is all of us.

The story of organ donation in our society is, like an echo, accompanied by a fair dose of insufficient education, which goes hand in hand with superstition, like an older friend, according to the principle – ‘do not paint the devil on the wall, for he will appear to you in person’ or ’evil, evil be gone away and don't dare come back another day’.

I do not know which rusted self-help manual has inculcated such things into people’s heads for many generations, or someone's grandmother told fortunes that were transferred and misinterpreted. But the world has gone a bit further and it would be quite nice for us to join it – because, thus, we will contribute to a better living environment, and society that understands and feels the value of giving.

The organ donation principle is, primarily, one of the greatest achievements of the time we live in. And when that achievement becomes an attainable measure, and has been legally voted, I think that it is not a question of nobility or altruism any more, but rather a civilization bon ton.

The second dimension of this fascinating achievement is that it radically changes the attitude to death. It does not diminish the pain of loss, but it gives rise to the possibility of life, in its most beautiful form, overcoming suffering - and that is exactly the beauty of giving.

I am grateful that the adopted law has enabled me to define myself as a possible donor. I come from a family which has always helped, and since it is assumed that we will always do that when we are in such a situation, it has never been a thing to boast about. But we have not yet come to talk about donation. We have not come to it – due to life. However, the donation topic is not a story of death, but rather of life. So Mom, Dad, Milica, you know how much I love life, and it is precisely for that reason why I proudly accept the right given to me by my birth and acquired by adulthood, which is the right to be a donor.

Maybe we will never understand the circumstances under which life ends, but one thing is certain - we know who can prolong someone’s life. The divine majesty – Human being. So then, what are we waiting for? We just need to exercise our right to be human beings.
Jelena Milašinović,
Belgrade Philharmonic’s PR Manager