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Why have I decided to become a donor?
A step for a whole new life
Dejan Ubović, Director of Cultural Centre Grad
A step for a whole new life
Because I do not think it should be called humanity if you give something that you absolutely no longer need.

Because someone in a room out there secretly hopes that there will be someone who will give him something no longer needed and thereby give him a gleam of hope as great as life.

Because if, for a moment, I put myself in the shoes of a person in the waiting list, I sincerely hope that there is someone who would, in that situation, give me something that he/she no longer needs.

Because a friend of mine has made me laugh when I asked her if she would be a donor, and she answered - of course, I would recycle myself.

Because I really believe that in this country in which voluntary blood donation has never been a problem, there is a vast majority of people who would also voluntarily donate their organs when they no longer need them.

Because I think that we are currently living in a time of apathy, care for ourselves, and it is precisely the reason why every human gesture or personal example should be expanded as a message as much and as far as possible.

Because I do not think that I am living in a less humane society compared to anyone else in the neighbourhood or somewhere farther.

Because if I were in such a situation I would receive a German heart.

Because I would immediately sign that when the time comes, my heart goes to Croatia.

Because, in the end, I still believe that people who need an organ in my country do not have to wait for a call from another country because there is no donor here. However, when I think better, a heart from the neighbourhood sounds very good.

If you have come to this sentence, it probably means that you are thinking the same way, i.e. the only way according to both the logic of common sense and human being. And if you can open this topic in the neighbourhood, among colleagues and friends, then you yourself are making a small step, which can mean a step for a whole new life to someone.
Dejan Ubović,
Director of Cultural Centre Grad