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If you are someone who measures their food in grams, then give up this text.
Ivana Filipovic journalist
If you are someone who measures their food in grams, then give up this text.
Hello, I am Ivana. I practiced journalism until about a year ago, to the point where I realized that I could no longer do my job the only way I knew and the only way my profession should be done. When I realized that I could no longer live up to my motto that a journalist should know more, see further, be a few steps ahead of his/her readers and educate them, I quit as editor-in-chief of a female licensing magazine. I quit my dream job. Am I wrong? Maybe. Am I happier? Much more than I was when I was at the position. I’m an Aquarius in horoscope, freedom is the only thing I believe in. ‘But I won’t give up my ideals and I’ll eat dreams instead of bread, I bring my happiness with me, it is a piece of free sky’. The lyrics of a song by ‘Electric Orgasm’, that’s me in a nutshell.

Being at the launch of almost all of Chanel's perfumes in the last few years across Europe, or having a helicopter ride me from Nice to Cannes on a business trip, or mingling at an event in Berlin with Luke Evans never stopped me from cooking at least two meals a day. At night, for the next day, while I was working. On weekends. Between trips. That ritual, that love for cooking, for sharing a meal with the household members, with double plates, that has never changed.

I was fortunate to have my grandmothers as babysitters in my childhood. Two days one grandmother, two days the other, and one of them on a Friday that week, and then again next week. I was also fortunate that both were top housewives. So, as soon as my nose reached the stove, one of them put a wooden spoon in my hands. And finally, I was fortunate enough that both of them passed their love for cooking to me, along with a bunch of recipes. And not to forget, both were adherents of the idea that every house should have everything at all times, which turned out to be the best idea these days, because I didn't have to fight with people for flour, oil, and even for toilet paper. I wouldn't even dare to tell you what I have in the house, I'm really ashamed. Because when you add to basic foodstuffs the fascination with supermarkets around the world, and I used to travel all the time, then you can assume what you can find in my kitchen world. Don't you frown now and say I'm a boastful snob. If you look at it from the perspective that someone really likes to cook, then you can understand the supplies of the original barbecue sauce or Dijon mustard.

To all this I must add that I have always wanted to live close to my parents, because they are not getting any younger and more vibrant. However, when we were given the opportunity to buy an apartment literally next to my parents, my reaction was ‘well I did not want that close’. These days I think it was absolutely the best decision ever. On so many levels. Even at the psychological level when bad days occurred in the ‘n’ day of isolation. One of us has always been ‘in a positive phase’ to raise the rest. Because the world has stopped. Life has been delayed. Everything but mere survival has been suspended. It's not easy to accept. Someone keeps it to themselves, someone reads, someone is binge-watching TV series, someone obsessively reads all the news, everyone cries. And it's hard for everyone. And we're all the same. No matter how rich, or poor, fat, or thin, we are all the same these days.

I can't read, I have a concentration of earthworm, if it has a concentration at all. I can't watch anything serious, I mostly recycle some of the series I've already watched, before going to bed. I play video games, which I got infected by my brother, who became a doctor for video games. Yes, he did indeed receive a Ph.D. in video games, for six years he worked on his Ph.D. thesis at Faculty of Drama Arts. I play Assassin's Creed. And I cook. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Dessert. They say it's important to make a routine in situations like this. Cooking may be the best example of this. We must eat at least twice a day. Plus, for someone whose kitchen has been uncharted territory cooking can become a new thing to learn. I don't make any kind of philosophy from cooking, not even a 15-crust cake baked in an overturned pan is a philosophy. Our grandmothers did not philosophize. They were not concerned with molecular cuisine. My recipes are simple, because I myself am simple. Because cooking is like driving a car, it is only important to drive your ride.

If you are someone who measures their food in grams, then give up this text. I weigh extra pounds myself, so are my recipes. Sometimes it takes a little exaggeration to enjoy, and you always need to relax. Play some music, open the recipe book and cook, cook, cook. It won't succeed every time, but in 99 percent of cases it will. And it will be nice for taking photos, too. It can also be shared on Instagram. Sharing is caring.

PS. I'm not a blogger, nor shall I ever be. Nor am I an influencer. Nor am I too influential. But I’ll be happy to share with you a few of my recipes. Old school. And if you like it, we can do it again.

Supa s knedlama Homemade Beef Soup
- A large piece of beef breast (or ribs)
- Beef bones (you can find it in Maxi)
- 3 carrots
- 3 potatoes
- 1 large onion with bark
- 1 root of parsnip
- 1 parsley root
- 1 celery root
- 2-3 celery sticks
- 2-3 bay leaves
- Salt, peppercorns

I cook it in an express pot if I have little time, or in a large pot if I have all day. I add water to the limit in an express pot, and if I cook in a regular pot, I pour 3/4. I filter it, meat and carrots can be used to make pilaf if somebody from the household does not eat it with a horseradish dressing.

Bombe od krompira Soup Dumplings
- a spoonful of lard
- 2 tablespoons of oil
- an egg
- a teaspoon of Vegeta seasoning
- 7-8 tablespoons of grits

Whisk the lard well with a fork, add the oil and whisk again, then add the egg and Vegeta, whisk again. Add six tablespoons of brits immediately and then one more. The mixture should not be too hard, but not too rare either. If the egg was large, then add another tablespoon of brits. Make dumplings with two teaspoons. Put the first dumpling in boiling soup. If it breaks down, add more brits, if not then insert the rest. When all are inserted, reduce the temperature to half and cook for half an hour in a semi-covered pan. When I am not in the mood to make dumplings, noodles serve quite well. If you have parsley, chop it finely, it will look wonderful.

Potato Bombs
- 2 medium sized young potatoes per person
- sliced bacon
- Cheddar or any other cheese

Make a hole in the potatoes with the apple cleaner. Don't throw it out, you will need it later. Fill potatoes as desired, with bacon, ham, sausage, but be sure to also fill them with cheese. Close the openings with the potato you dug out when making the holes. Wrap each potato into two bacon slices. Then wrap the potatoes in aluminum foil and bake for two hours at 200 degrees. Baking depends on the size of the potatoes, and check whether they are done with a stick or a thin knife. As a dressing, you can serve sour cream into which you chopped young onions, or if you are, like me, born in Kraljevo, and you have a young homemade kaymak that your mother brought before lockdown.

Bakin kolač Granny’s Cookies
- 4 eggs
- 10 tablespoons of sugar
- 3 bags of vanilla sugar
- 1 sour cream
- 1/2 glass of oil
- 1 baking powder
- 12-13 tablespoons of flour
- Raspberries, cherries or other fruits as desired

Whisk the egg whites, add sugar and vanilla sugar, whisk again, add the egg yolks, sour cream, oil, baking powder and flour. Dip the baking paper with water to rest well on the baking tray. Transfer the mixture to the tray. Put the fruit you want. Bake for forty minutes at 180 degrees.
Ivana Filipovic