Why is Mentorship Support Important?
Vesna Cvrkota
Head of Transfer Service Hemofarm AD
The essence of mentorship support is that students, young professionals and future colleagues at the beginning of their careers receive advice and exchange experience and knowledge with the already proven professionals. Mentorship support is quite important. It is a huge advantage to have by your side the people you can ask for advice and opinion when you don't know how to solve a problem in the best way. Experienced people can often easily see the solution to doubts and/or problems you are facing at a certain moment, as well as help you perceive some additional problems you didn't even knew you had. That way, they help mentees to avoid making some mistakes which perhaps mentors made in the past.

Mentor is primarily – an advisor. Whether his or her advice is related to career or life experience, it is certainly precious, and it only becomes truly valuable after being shared with mentees. Mentorship work is not a personal training, but it is a workshop intended for personal development of individuals. Mentor gives advice, but he or she should also know how to criticize in a constructive way, how to propos, for example, ways of overcoming stress in the work environment, how to handle disappointment, etc. Mentors follow the work of their mentees, they can guess the difficulties they would face, and help them to overcome those difficulties.

Mentor’s task is not easy and it requires serious devotion, and frequently, spending personal free time, but primarily, it means finding a way to share own knowledge and experience in a way that is familiar to a mentee and that a mentee understands and accepts.

“Being a mentor means having a high level of responsibility for other people’s lives – helping someone to become a better person and professional is a demanding task” – Bill Bartlett