Excellence Award
Hemofarm Foundation has established the Excellence Award as of 2018, and it will be awarded each year for outstanding achievements in the field of health, education, and culture. The award – a crane-shaped statuette, symbolises persistence and permanence and represents support to the ideas and projects which change the society for the better.

Recognition Goes to Dr. Elka Stefanova for Neurodegenerative Disease Studies

Prof. Dr. Elka Stefanova, a neurologist and founder of the Centre for Cognitive Disorders and Dementia with the Clinical Centre of Serbia, is this year’s winner of Hemofarm Foundation Excellence Award. ‘Life, work and dedication of Prof. Dr. Elka Stefanova deserve recognition, and Hemofarm Foundation especially wants to emphasize her exceptional contribution to the study of neurodegenerative diseases, scientific-research and clinical work with people suffering from dementia, as well as development of the first and one-of-a-kind Centre for Cognitive Disorders and Dementia in Serbia and this region“, as emphasized in the explanation of the decision by the Foundation jury.

Hemofarm Foundation established the Excellence Award last year to mark 25 years of existence, and the first laureate of this recognition was Vigor Majić, Director of Petnica Research Centre, for developing an authentic model of extracurricular education through which he managed to keep a high level of quality of education and make a wide impact on whole generations of young people, as well as hundreds of teachers. It is an award which is presented once a year to outstanding individuals, institutions or organizations, which have given an immense contribution in the area of healthcare, education and culture. Apart from a crane-shaped statue as a symbol of perseverance and longevity - work of the artist Aleksandar Vac - the Excellence Award of Hemofarm Foundation also comprises a cash prize as an incentive for further development of projects and ideas.

Prof. Dr. Elka Stefanova is one of our most prominent representatives of the school of neurology which has yielded, apart from significant scientific works, also numerous breakthroughs in the contemporary approach to studying and treating patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. ‘This award is an exceptional recognition for me and I am here today on behalf of all the colleagues from the Neurology Clinic. We are together a team which has put all its professional capacities and time in the service of studying neurodegenerative diseases and making a diagnosis as early as possible. On that path we are all led by curiosity and desire to fight dementia, because Alzheimer’s disease is a tough opponent. It is progressive, and contemporary medicine has not found the right cure for it yet. My biggest wish is that a therapy which changes the course of not only Alzheimer’s but also other neurodegenerative diseases will be found in the nearest future‘, Dr. Stefanova said on the occasion of the award presentation at the ceremony in the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Dr. Ronald Seeliger, CEO of Hemofarm, presented the award to the laureate of Hemofarm Foundation. On that occasion he emphasized that Hemofarm Foundation had established this award in order to present the individuals or organizations, deserving gratitude of the society for their work, to a wider public. ‘There are persons who have done so much for our lives, while we are not even aware if it. This award is the way to put the public stage lights on them and express our gratitude to them on behalf of the community. I am proud of heading a company which takes care of the health and wellbeing of people, because, at the end of the day, it is all about being human’, Dr. Seeliger emphasized when presenting the award.

Over the course of previous 26 years, Hemofarm Foundation implemented more than 2000 activities worth more than EUR 12.5 million. Besides the support to the healthcare system of Serbia and countries in the region, as well as to numerous projects in the area of education, culture, environmental protection and sports, Foundation has been actively advocating for increasing the number of donors and transplantations in Serbia for three years already.

The first Excellence Award went to Vigor Majić, Director of Petnica Research Centre.

Hemofarm Foundation has established the Excellence Award as the crown of the quarter-of-a-century’s work in creating better conditions in the community, in the course of which 2,000 activities in the value of 12 million euros have been completed.

The laureate of the first Excellence Award, established in 2018, was Vigor Majić, Director of Petnica Research Centre. Together with a large team of former and current scientists, Vigor Majić has developed an authentic model of extracurricular education, managing to maintain a high level of quality, with a wide impact on entire generations of young people, as well as hundreds of teachers for more than two decades. The Hemofarm Foundation Excellence Award was presented to Vigor Majić by Ronald Seeliger, CEO of Hemofarm Group. Along with the crane-shaped statuette – the work of artist Aleksandar Vaca, the Award also comprises a monetary part.

Hemofarm Foundation has appointed the Excellence Award Committee consisting of seven members, including Ronald Seeliger, CEO of Hemofarm Group, Veran Matić, Chairman of B92 Foundation and Chairman of the Excellence Award Committee, Vigor Majić, Director of Petnica Research Centre and the first laureate of the Excellence Award, Prof. Svetozar Putnik, Director of Cardiac Surgery Clinc of the Clinical Centre of Serbia, Prof. Vera Artiko, Director of the Nuclear Medicine Centre of the Clinical Centre of Serbia, Dr Đorđija Petkoski, Lecturer at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a consultant of the World Bank, and Nikola Ivica, a doctoral student of biology at MIT University.

You can find the biographies of the members of the Excellence Award Committee if you click HERE.

The Committee is going to decide on who will be awarded based on the received proposals, in the field of health, education and culture. This will additionally motivate individuals, groups, organisations, institutions, and their projects which change the society of the better. The following persons from the territory of the Republic of Serbia are entitled to submit award proposals: members of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, members of the Serbian Doctors Association, professional scientists and/or university teachers, directors of institutes, directors of public and other healthcare, educational, and cultural institutions, directors of clinical hospital centres in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, and Kragujevac, patients’ associations, civil society (organisations, funds and foundations), as well as directors and editors-in-chief of public media.

The members of the Committee are also entitled to submit award proposals themselves in case the already submitted proposals do not meet the criteria and standards determined by the Committee, which will pass a decision on the annual award based on the submitted proposals and based on their own assessment and judgement. The deadline for submitting proposals is 1st March of the current calendar year. The process of evaluation of the received proposals by the Award Committee will last until 30th April of the current calendar year, while the ceremony of announcing the names of winners and presenting the annual award will take place in May of the current year.

HERE you can download the form and propose your candidate for the award in the field of health, education and culture. You can send your proposals to the following e-mail address: nagradazaizuzetnost@hemofarm.com