Program for Education
Hemofarm Foundation Education Program YOU CAN DO IT supports dynamic young people, future leaders in their communities.
Hemofarm Foundation Education Program YOU CAN DO IT has been conceived in a way to provide support to young people who are willing to change the world for the better using their knowledge and skills. The Program is an opportunity for them to raise their knowledge and skills to a higher level through a specially designed program comprising the Scholarship Program, Mentorship Program and Internship Program. Apart from informal knowledge, the attendees of the program acquire also work experience in various divisions within the company, as well as an additional motive to apply the gained knowledge in Serbia while being supported by the experts of Hemofarm AD company. The purpose of the Program is also to additionally empower individuals by the skills which will help them in everyday work focusing on the care for people’s health and welfare of the community.

Program for Education YOU CAN DO IT is a part of cross-divisional cooperation between Hemofarm Foundation and Human Resources Division of Hemofarm AD. The Program has been supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia and the Faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, Technology and Metallurgy, Chemistry and Physical Chemistry of the Universities of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Nis.

Owing to the Program for Education ‘YOU CAN DO IT’, Hemofarm Foundation scholarship holders have the opportunity to study in the field of science and technology at Petnica Research Centre.

Program parts are implemented in partnership with the German Organization for International Cooperation GIZ, Konrad Adenauer foundation. The program is also supported by Air Serbia company.
Hemofarm Foundation has been implementing the Scholarship Program for already 26 years. We have supported 3480 young people, future leaders in their respective communities so far. Hemofarm Foundation scholarship awarding competition is announced once a year, in October, and lasts for 3 weeks. The competition is open for 10 best students of the final year of graduate/integrated academic studies and master studies at the faculty of medicine, pharmacy, technology, chemistry and physical chemistry, financed from the budget of the Republic of Serbia, and refers to the students with the achieved 8.50 grade in the previous course of studies. Apart from the average grade and financial status of students, one of the criteria is also the result of conducted professional selection, organized by Hemofarm Foundation in partnership with HR Division of Hemofarm company.

• Monthly financial support in the amount of 11,741 dinars
• Opportunity for personal and professional development within the Mentorship Program
• Opportunity for internship within the Internships Program
• Opportunity to be a part of the Alumni Group, liaise with their colleagues, share knowledge, and expand their contact list

The competition is open for the students of faculties financed from the budget of the Republic of Serbia, who are the citizens of Serbia.
Hemofarm Foundation launched the Mentorship Program in 2017 as a form of additional support to young people, aimed at their personal and professional development, as well as exchange of knowledge, experience and contact between mentors, Hemofarm experts, and mentees, Hemofarm Foundation scholarship holders. The Program involves strengthening the capacities of future experts in the area of medicine, pharmacy, technology, chemistry and physical chemistry, creating positive environment for their employment and motivating them to apply the gained knowledge in Serbia. Mentorship Program is carried out through independent work of mentorship couples, trainings, ‘speed-dating’ sessions, workshops and open monthly lectures aimed at improving general and professional knowledge and skills required for further personal and professional development of young people.
Lecturers in the Mentorship program are Hemofarm AD company experts, as well as visiting, local and foreign lecturers, experts from different fields, who transfer their knowledge to students in the field of communication skills, successful presentation to employer, leadership, public health, modern medical practice, functional medicine, neuromarketing, community activism, etc. Mentors in the program are Hemofarm AD company experts, many of whom were Hemofarm Foundation scholarship holders themselves, and precisely through that program, they got their first chance to work in the company.

Foundation Team carefully works on the selection of mentors, corporate top managers, who can respond to the needs, goals and challenges which scholarship holders face on their education journey, owing to their expertise, and rich professional and personal experience.

Get to know our MENTORS
Considering that some of the topics and areas the scholarship holders work on together with their mentors include clinical pharmacy, development and production of pharmaceutical substances, work of galenic laboratory, pharmacology, toxicology, tumour treatment, scientific-research work, registration and marketing of new medicinal products, etc., Hemofarm Foundation organizes study visits to Vršac-based factory for its scholarship holders, with a special emphasis on chemical, microbiological laboratory , manufacturing plant, and high-bay warehouse.

Hemofarm Foundation Mentorship Program has been declared the best in the first year of implementation in the category ‘Corporate Volunteering - Pro Bono Support’ in 2017 and received the award presented by the Responsible Business Forum and Smart kolektiv.

You can find out what Hemofarm Foundation scholarship holders say about our Program HERE

Mentorship program open lectures HERE
Internship Program has been conceived to provide support to young people, future experts in the areas for which they are educated so that in addition to formal knowledge, they also gain practical knowledge and work experience in various divisions within Hemofarm company, and implies the cooperation with Hemofarm company experts, professional guidance through organizational units and practical work on tasks that involve meetings, field work, adoption of the corporate culture, and feedback at the end of the process, which attendees of the internship program can use to further develop their skills and competencies. The Program is intended for final year and master-degree students of the faculty of medicine, pharmacy, technology, chemistry and physical chemistry. Internship implies 3 weeks of professional training of scholarship holders in the following departments:

• Research and Development
• Quality Control
• Quality Assurance
• Production
• Marketing - possibility of implementing the program in towns in which company Marketing & Sales divisions operate (Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Niš, Vršac, Šabac, Belgrade)
• Sales

and includes professional guidance and introduction to all the processes in the mentioned divisions of the company.
After a week spent in all departments, according to the faculties which students come from, they will spend two weeks undergoing a specialized internship. After completed internship, evaluation process of scholarship holders by mentors and associates, as well as the process of program evaluation by scholarship holders will be carried out.

Based on evaluation, and according to the needs of the company, employment of students in Hemofarm AD will be enabled.

Internship Program is implemented in Hemofarm AD in Vršac, Šabac and Belgrade during June.

HERE you may find more about our Internship program – Study visit to Germany
Hemofarm Foundation alumni group comprises 3480 people who have been supported by Hemofarm Foundation through Scholarship Program so far. The goal of the Alumni group is to liaise the generations of Hemofarm Foundation scholarship holders, from program launching to date, for strengthening the network of young, educated leaders who will assume significant positions in different segments of the society. The quality of Hemofarm Foundation Education Program, the knowledge and skills acquired by the students during their education and the desire to keep highly-educated professionals in the country, are the recommendation for promising jobs in various fields. The alumni group of Hemofarm Foundation includes university, institutes, multinational corporations staff, and we are particularly proud of the alumni who are the members of the scientific team of the Broad Institute of MIT-Harvard and are involved in one of the greatest projects in the field of medicine - The Atlas of Human Cells. We organize the alumni event once a year, aimed at networking, exchanging information and expanding the list of contacts.

We present to you former Hemofarm Foundation scholarship holders. Find out where they are and what they are doing.
Nemanja Marjanović is a former Hemofarm Foundation scholarship holder and the first international student from this part of the world to be admitted to the multidisciplinary combined doctoral program at the University of Harvard / MIT. Nemanja is a Master of Biological Sciences, who works, together with the best medical experts, on the unique project The Atlas of Human Cells, which is aimed at mapping all cells of the human body. The project is financially supported by the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Nemanja is also engaged in the research focused on the evolution of malignancies, understanding tumour ecosystem, identifying therapy resistance factors, as well as implementation and improvement of immunotherapy for treatment of malignancies.