Wholeheartedly for health
WHOLEHEARTEDLY is a national campaign of Hemofarm Foundation the aim of which is care for people’s health by means of increasing the quality of services in the Serbian healthcare system.

In the period between 2015 and 2019 alone, Hemofarm Foundation implemented support programs for more than 50 healthcare institutions. Support in the value of about EUR 475,000 reflected mainly in the procurement of medical devices and other equipment for improving working conditions and also in providing help for organization of expert conferences. In 2018, Hemofarm Foundation provided the support for equipping health centres in highly underdeveloped municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina by donating medical equipment in the form of laboratory equipment, ECG devices, defibrillators, and aspirators.

The WHOLEHEARTEDLY national campaign is an expression of the commitment of Hemofarm and Hemofarm Foundation to establishing public-private partnerships with the system institutions that contribute to better quality of people’s lives and communities they live in.