Double Bass Festival on the Mission "The Most Important Call"
19. Sep 2016.
Apart from good music, the visitors of double bass festival BASS PASSION vol. 2 which was held at Kolarac during the weekend had a chance to hear what THE MOST IMPORTANT CALL OF LIFE is. Hemofarm Foundation, as a friend of this year’s event, made the festival humanitarian in its character, via its campaign for promotion of donation and organ transplantation that it has been implementing as a partner of the Ministry of Health, for two years already.

Apart from the virtuoso performance given on this string instrument, the fans of double bass had a chance also to sign the donor cards and get the information about the need to adopt the new Law on Organ Transplantation aimed at shortening the waiting list for the new organ. There are currently about 1000 citizens on this list, waiting for the most important call in life for a new heart, liver or kidney.

The campaign THE MOST IMPORTANT CALL IN LIFE, has been recently supported by the Serbian Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vučić, the highest officials of the City of Belgrade, German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, but ever increasing number of political, cultural and public figures has been joining the campaign day in day out. Religious communities in Serbia also support donation as the supreme act of humaneness.

BASS PASSION vol. 2 presents the double bass as an indispensable instrument in different genre and instrumental forms but also more and more as a solo instrument. Likewise, it features the performers on double bass who are at the same time excellent music authors.

Besides the master classes for young professionals, during the two festival days, the Belgrade audience will have the chance to see Nenad Vasilić (Saturday 17/9 at the Big Hall of Kolarčeva zadužbina (Ilija M. Kolarac Endowment)), Ljubinko Lazić (Sunday 18/9 at 11h at the Big Hall) and Renaud Garcia-Fons, one of the most prominent double bass players. Famous flamenco pianist Dorantes will also be one of the performers together with Fons (Sunday, 18th of September, Big Hall of Kolarčeva zadužbina).