Donor card signing
21. Apr 2017.
Hemofarm Foundation sent out ‘The Most Important Call in Life’ message dedicated to organ donation and transplantation also within the traditional Jevremova ulica susreta /Jevremova-Street of Meetings/ manifestation held at the religious holiday Cveti.

Thirty of our co-citizens, including also the celebrities: Lena Bogdanović, actress, Uroš Milovanović, journalist of Radio Studio B, Tanja Jovićević, singer of the band Oktobar 1864, members of Intermeco string quartet, Zlatko Crnogorac, executive producer of Caltural Institution Parobrod, and many others, signed donor cards within the Jevremova ulica susreta manifestation, which is traditionally organized by Stari grad municipality at the religious holiday Cveti.

Hemofarm Foundation stand was located near Cultural Institution Parobrod, where the competent doctors and the representatives of Foundation answered all the questions related to organ donation and transplantation. All visitors who recognized the importance of donation as the highest act of humanity had an opportunity to sign a donor card.