Hemofarm Foundation at Mikser Festival
27. May 2017.
'The Most Important Call in Life' campaign devoted to organ donation and transplantation, implemented by Hemofarm Foundation together with the Ministry of Health was represented at the Mikser Festival also this year. Within the part of programme ‘Mikser Talks’, visitors of the festival had the opportunity to listen to the lecture about the importance of organ donation and transplantation and sign donor cards.

‘We immodestly attribute the encouraging information of the Ministry of Health, that 39 organ transplantations were performed as of the beginning of this year, to the results of ‘The Most Important Call in Life' campaign. It is one thing when you urge people to become owners of donor cards, and another when you see for yourself the families giving consent for organ donation, respecting the will of the deceased. There have been 19 such families this year. We are very proud of our citizens and the change of mindset concerning organ donation. We know that it takes time to break decades-long prejudices, but we are persistent on our path to make Serbia a part of the family of humane European countries’, Sanda Savić, member of the Foundation BoD, said.

Sanja Bojić, patient waiting for kidney transplantation, told the visitors what it was like to live awaiting a donor and why 'The Most Important Call in Life' campaign gave a new encouragement and hope to more than a thousand people on transplantation waiting lists.

Apart from the directors of the Mikser Festival, Ivan and Maja Lalić and their team, our famous actor and director Dragan Bjelogrlić also supported Hemofarm Foundation at the Mikser festival.

‘I have been a donor since 2000, one of the first in Serbia. The number of my donor card has one digit. All these years, I have been hoping that passing of the new law on donation and transplantation is not questionable, and that the topics we should be dealing with at the moment concern the improvement of implementation and education process’ Bjelogrlić said.

Ivan Lalić, director of Mikser Festival, Ratko Rakin, PR manager of Mikser Festival and the host of Top 20 Clubbing TV Adria, as well as other members of the Mikser Festival team signed the donor cards on this occasion, and singer Bojana Vunturišević and her band also supported the campaign.

Participation at Mikser Festival is an introduction to a comprehensive campaign of Hemofarm Foundation and the Ministry of Health which will mark June 6th - National Donor Day, established last year at the initiative of Hemofarm Foundation.