Success is unlocked with words

Why is good communication so important? This topic, as well as different tools and techniques for improvement of communication skills were introduced to scholarship holders of Hemofarm Foundation and their mentors by Sanda Savic, Senior Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications of Hemofarm AD in her lecture.

‘Successful communication opens the door for different personal and professional achievements’, Sanda pointed out in her lecture. Emphasizing that communication is primarily a process of sending and receiving messages, Sanda indicated that we needed to work daily on the techniques of good public appearance that could help us achieve our goals.

The lecture ‘Good Communication Skills – Key to Success’ also included a ‘speed dating’ session that enabled the group of mentors and mentees to get to know each other better and network.

The next lecture within the Mentorship Programme will be dedicated to improving the skills necessary for successful presentation to employers and entering the labour market.