What You are Doing Today can Improve Your Tomorrow
How to present yourself successfully to a new employer, how to write a CV which stands out even when you do not have work experience, were some of the topics Marina Mitić Jekić, Senior Director of Human Resources of Hemofarm AD, tried to bring closer to the scholarship holders and participants of the Hemofarm Foundation Mentor Programme within the lecture entitled: ‘How to Present yourself to Employer Successfully?’

As someone who deals with professional selection of candidates in her everyday line of work, through examples and advice from her rich personal and professional experience, Marina presented the way in which one should approach job seeking; how to prepare properly for a job interview; how to stand out among a large number of applicants and leave a positive impression on a future employer.

Taking into account that it is a topic which is assessed as really familiar and important to all young people who are looking for their first employment, the scholarship holders were active over the entire course of the lecture asking among other the following questions: “How to prepare for an interview with an employer?”, “How to dress for an interview for the first job?”, “How to ask about and negotiate the salary?”…

A job interview simulation was presented as part of the ‘How to Present yourself to Employer Successfully’ lecture, and along with the additional practical advice they received, the scholarship holders and participants of the Mentor Programme could gain an insight on what kind of questions they could expect on the first interview as well as how to behave in the given circumstances.

Besides the fact that job seeking is in itself a serious and long-term task, Marina pointed out how important it is to trust yourself, to have self-confidence – which is also acquired and built with time, to be different but honest. In this way only, she pointed out, the success is guaranteed.