Students from Berlin in a Study Visit to Belgrade
A group of students of final classes of Walther Rathenau gymnasium from Berlin has recently been to Belgrade within a study visit. The topic of this study visit was ‘Getting Beyond the Limits’, and the hosts of the visit Hemofarm Foundation and the First Belgrade Gymnasium have prepared an agenda abundant with numerous visits, tours and encountrances.

Besides the visits to the ‘Nikola Tesla’ museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of Yugoslavia, the students of the Berlin gymnasium and their hosts, the students of the First Belgrade Gymnasium, attended various lectures. Darko Soković, founder of Propulsion fund talked about youth and social policy and entrepreneurial spirit of the young people in Serbia and region-wide. The students got informed about the current status of migrants, the programmes of their education and integration into different social systems, in the Info Park, where they were addressed by Gordan Paunović, the founder of the organization barring the same name. According to both students and their professors, they were particularly impressed by the lecture of Borka Pavićević, dramaturge and founder of the Centre for Cultural Decontamination, who delivered a comprehensive review of the history of Yugoslavia and the post II World War period, as well as the time before and after the Fifth October changes. On that occasion, Borka Pavićević conveyed a message to the young people that they, before all, should not be tucked in, but rather assume the responsibility for any change in both the society and their personal life.

During their stay in Serbia, the students visited the headquarters of the company Hemofarm AD in Vršac and had the opportunity to talk to the CEO Dr Ronald Seeliger.

Referring to the programmes for young people, primarily the scholarship programme and Mentorship programme of Hemofarm Foundation, the CEO Ronald Seeliger sent a strong message to the students: ‘It is of vital importance to assess yourself, your qualifications and compare yourself to others in order to know how you are doing.’ ‘You should do it every day, and your mentors can help you in getting better acquired with what is required, and what’s not required, what are your strengths, and what can you offer actually to your future employers, because you cannot offer everything, and that’s why it is important to assess yourself. What I would most sincerely advise to you is: languages, languages, languages! You need to speak languages! Everything what you do with passion on the side is excellent!’, CEO of Hemofarm told the Berlin gymnasium students.