Hemofarm Foundation’s Excellence Award Goes to Vigor Majić
16. May 2018.
Hemofarm Foundation has established the Excellence Award and presented it to Vigor Majić, Director of ‘Petnica’ Research Centre.

Together with a large team of former and current scientists, Vigor Majić has developed an authentic model of extracurricular education, managing to maintain a high level of quality, with a wide impact on entire generations of young people, as well as hundreds of teachers for more than two decades. Hemofarm Foundation’s Excellence Award, along with the crane-shaped statuette, which is the work of the artist Aleksandar Vaca, also comprises a monetary part in the equivalent value of 10 thousand euros.

Hemofarm Foundation’s award is the crown of quarter of a century’s work on the creation of better conditions in the society, during which 2,000 activities worth € 12 million were implemented.

The award, which has been established this year, has been presented to Majić by the CEO of Hemofarm Mr. Ronald Seeliger.