‘The Most Important Call in Life’ at Krokodil Festival
15. Jun 2018.
The award-winning documentary of Hemofarm Foundation ‘The Most Important Call in Life’ was screened within the debate programme at 10th KROKODIL Festival at the Centre for Cultural Decontamination in Belgrade.

The documentary has been produced within the campaign of the same name conducted by Hemofarm Foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia with the aim of increasing the number of donors and reaching the national consensus for passing a new Law on Transplantation of Human Organs. The protagonists of the documentary are the participants of the ‘Most Important Call in Life’ campaign, i.e. people who were waiting for organ transplantation at the time of shooting the movie.

There are a thousand people in Serbia who have been eagerly waiting, together with their families, to receive a single, for them the most important call, when they will be told that the organ necessary for transplantation has finally been found. Nevertheless, many of them on the waiting list never live to receive such a call, because there are only six (6) donors per million of citizens in our country, while 10 are required. A lack of knowledge on the importance of transplantation and numerous prejudices make the situation in Serbia bleak in view of the number of donors. One of the unknown facts ‘The Most Important Call in Life’ documentary pinpoints are also the statistics that the likelihood that you will need an organ transplantation some day is twenty times higher than the possibility that your consent for donation will be used for organ transplantation.

After the screening the viewers were in the position to talk to the creators of the film, author Danica Vučenić and director Mateja Rackov.