Scholarships Awarded to Best Students
Hemofarm Foundation awarded scholarship contracts to the best students of state-owned faculties and at the event hosted in honour of this occasion, bid farewell to the previous generation of scholarship holders. In the next academic year 2018/2019, in addition to financial aid, the supported students will have the opportunity to attend the Mentorship Programme and professional summer internship programme “You Can Do It”.

In addition to awarding of the new scholarship contracts, present and future holders of the Hemofarm Foundation scholarship had the opportunity to listen to the final lecture within the Mentorship Programme at this event. The lecture titled "Atlas of Human Cells - Google Maps of the Human Body" was delivered by Nemanja Marjanović, former holder of the Hemofarm Foundation scholarship and the first international student from this part of the world to be admitted to the multidisciplinary combined doctoral program at the University of Harvard / MIT.

Hemofarm Foundation traditionally provides assistance to the best students at faculties of medicine, pharmacy, technology, chemistry and physical chemistry financed from the budget of the Republic of Serbia. The biggest novelty in this year's scholarship programme of Hemofarm Foundation is the possibility of professional summer internship, which is designed to support the future experts in acquiring practical knowledge and work experience. The internship will be conducted in Serbia and Germany during the summer of the next year.

"Ever since we have been established 25 years ago, we have been supporting students with exceptional grades, excellent ideas, ambitions and desire to learn and make progress, who were of not so good financial standing. To date, we have supported more than 3,300 young people all over the country, and the annual scholarships in the school year 2018/19 were won precisely by the students who showed that they can achieve great results with their work and persistence in the past year" said Suzana Đorđević, director of Hemofarm Foundation, pointing out that four of the previous-generation scholarship holders started their careers in Hemofarm after completing the programme.

Programme is implemented with support of Konrad Adenauer Foundation.