Successful Communication is Learned and Not Acquired by Birth
Within the Mentoring Programme ‘You Can Do It’, Relja Dereta, consultant and coach of presentation and communication skills, Argentine tango instructor and founder and the director of Epic Assistants company, talked to the scholarship holders of Hemofarm Foundation and their mentors about how to effectively formulate your ideas, how to prepare for public appearance, talk and move, how to overcome stage fright and respond to other unpredictable situations

"These are skills, hence, they require practice. Long-standing, deep-rooted habits and manners can be successfully overcome and improved through daily work" Relja pointed out during a workshop in which participants were given the opportunity to improve the key aspects of presentation and communication skills through a series of very specific exercises.

As a prerequisite of every successful public appearance, Relja emphasized the importance of work on the concept of presentation (what is the goal of our presentation, whether we want to convince, inspire or just inform), the structure of presentation (how to design what we want to say and how to achieve the desired effect) and non-verbal communication, which accounts for more than 55% of success of the public appearance. What distinguishes a convincing, skillful, eloquent negotiator from others is his or her active participation in communication. Bearing in mind all aspects of a successful public appearance, there must be connection, meaning that the body, the intonation and the pronounced words should be in tune.

‘Awareness of your physical and mental condition, but also mastering of techniques that help us to successfully convey the message and bring down the barriers we have in communication, are the skills which are learned and practiced every day, and which can help in achieving personal and professional goals’ Relja Dereta pointed out and reminded participants that Winston Churchill, one of the world's greatest politicians and speakers, practiced his public appearances for an hour every day.

Relja Dereta is a long-time coach in the field of public appearance, Argentine tango and activism. He is one of the founders and the director of Epic Assistants company, where he worked as a consultant and coach of presentation and communication skills, advising global experts, managers, scientists, lecturers, creative workers and others to formulate their ideas. As an Argentine tango instructor and project coordinator at the Tango Natural Institute, he helped build the Institute into the largest organization of this type in Europe. He is a founder of the School of Activism, where he taught hundreds of young people how to conceive and implement their ideas, and he is also one of the speakers at TED & TEDx conferences.