The Seventh Panel Talk of Hemofarm Foundation ‘A Cup of Coffee with a Psychologist’
22. May 2019.
The last but one panel talk of Hemofarm Foundation within the project ‘A Cup of Coffee with a Psychologist’, at which experts will talk about addiction diseases, has been scheduled for Wednesday, 22nd of May, at Dorćol Platz. Alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling and other diseases of addiction are a serious health problem curing of which requires professional help. Pointing to disastrous statistics revealing that every year dozens of people lose a fight for life as a consequence of excessive use of narcotics, experts remind of the importance of primary prevention and education of people, particularly young people, prone to trying dangerous psychoactive substances out of curiosity.

We are inviting you to come, this Wednesday, for another coffee and talk with psychologists, who will help us understand the path of addiction development from its creating to a strong desire for healing and complete rehabilitation. Although addiction is one of the greatest problems a person can face in the lifetime, it is the problem that can be solved, and therefore, we are inviting you to listen to advice of psychologists: Dr. Ivica Mladenović, Chief of Staff, Head of Addiction Treatment Clinic, Mental Health Institute, Belgrade, Aleksandar Ramah, psychiatry specialist, Chief of Staff, ‘Ramah’ Doctor’s Office, Aleksandar Žugić, representative of Izlazak (Exit) Association, and Dragan Ilić, psychologist and journalist.

The project ’A Cup of Coffee with a Psychologist’ has been implemented by Hemofarm Foundation in partnership with the Institute of Psychology of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and Dorćol Platz Art Commune. Within the two-month project, each Wednesday, renowned experts and famous persons discuss current topics such as depression, stress at work, how to find balance between career and family, divorce, addiction problems, how to deal with disease or knowledge that a person close to us has a severe disease, and how to limit the use of electronic devices to children. The discussed topics are additionally covered through blogs written by experts – psychologists and psychotherapists, available on the website of Hemofarm Foundation, while video recordings of previous workshops are available on the Foundation’s Youtube channel.