The Leadership Brain Lecture
The autumn series of the Hemofarm Foundation Mentoring Programme continued with the lecture of Prof. Nikolaos Dimitriadis, Regional Director at The University of Sheffield International Faculty City College for the Western Balkans, on the topic of: “The Leadership Brain”.

“The last 30 years our understanding of the brain increased drastically due to advances of neuro technology. We finally accepted the fact that this complex and wonderful organ inside our skulls is fully responsible for both our best and worse behaviour. Leadership is no different“, said Prof. Dimitriadis before the full hall of mentors and mentees of the 2018/2019 generation.

“The Leadership Brain” lecture, Prof. Nikolaos Dimitriadis, Regional Director at The University of Sheffield International Faculty City College for the Western Balkans

Leadership thinking went through many changes during the last century. From extremely simplistic approaches, like carrots and sticks, to more advanced ones like complexity and chaos theory, there is a constant race to unlock what make a great leader.

Professor Dimitriadis pointed out that “Great leaders are those that develop fantastic relations with their teams and between teams. They inspire, protect and challenge their people, help everyone learn and develop, and take winning decisions based on real input from everyone around them. All those wonderful leadership behaviours are traced back in our brains. Your brain can be your best ally or your worse enemy depending how you treat it. It can help you unite your team, motivate your people and take winning decisions or it can make you do the opposite.“

The need to change our operating models of leadership is urgent. “Today, up to 20% of people in top leadership positions can be diagnosed as psychopaths!” it was pointed out in the lecture. “If shareholders push corporate leaders to maximize short-term profits then the best leader is the one that will switch off empathy, ignore trust and abandon the internal urge to support common good. Consequently, leaders selfishly focus only on boosting short-term numbers regardless if this is bad for everyone else… including the company itself in the long-run.”

Finally, the choice is simple: You either continue ignoring the fact that the brain is in control, not you, or you embrace this fact and you start working with your brain and the brains of those around you to achieve more and make the world a better place for, was the conclusion of “The Leadership Brain“ lecture.

Tamara Magurjan, Head of our company’s Solid Dosage Forms Plant had nothing but words of praise for the Mentoring Programme and the Professor’s lecture. “Lectures like this make you contemplate because they demonstrate what business and leadership will look like in the near future. In this regard, it is important to remain open for changes which are ahead of us and accept them, since people/employees are going to be in the focus of these changes.”

Nikola Isailović, a Hemofarm Foundation scholar said it was the second lecture by Professor Dimitriadis that he attended and that it was the most impressive of Professor’s lectures so far, since it opened the door to a new future of business which is awaiting us. “The lectures of the Mentoring Programme always motivate us to development our skills additionally, to adapt to the changes that are brought by the contemporary business environment in order to become leaders who will really make the world a better place”.

Milena Rajković, Coordinator of Programme for Education is proud of the You can do it programme and everything achieved over the past three years when the Mentoring Programme was introduced in addition to the Scholarship Programme and the Internship Programme. “This programme is growing owing, among other, to the support of our mentors, who selflessly share their knowledge with their mentees in order to inspire them together with us to apply their acquired knowledge in our country, either by working for Hemofarm AD or for any institution of the system“.

Over the past year and a half, six Hemofarm Foundation scholars started working for Hemofarm company on posts of expert associate and brand ambassador.

In the photo: Milena Rajković, Suzana Đorđević, Ronald Seeliger, Zoran Čikić, Violeta Novaković, Miloš Panjković, Boris Vučković

The Hemofarm Foundation Mentoring Programme received the award of the Responsible Business Forum in the first year of its implementation.

Satisfied audience

The Hemofarm Foundation Programme for Education is supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. Some parts of the Programme are carried out in partnership with the German Organisation for International Cooperation (GIZ) and Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Hemofarm Foundation proudly announces the new Competition for Scholarships 2019/2020, which is going to be announced on Tuesday, 15th October and is going to last for 20 days, by Sunday, 3rd November.