bolji.života Exhibition – Details of a Hospital Life, and a Concert within Tata Miki Project
07. Nov 2019.

Proceeds from the concert are earmarked for transplant patients association Together for New Life

Hemofarm Foundation has supported the exhibition bolji.života – Details of a Hospital Life, which presents the works of Miroslav Ničić that were created in the Sterile Block for Transplantation of the Military Medical Academy during the process of the preparation for bone marrow transplantation. In this period, the author, who unfortunately did not have a happy end, recorded motives of the daily hospital life by the camera of his cell phone during a week prior to the surgical procedure, when he was subjected to a therapy of 140 tablets on a daily basis.

Thus, Miroslav, called either Miki or Nietzsche, as one may prefer, found art, joy, humor, parody, youth and overwhelming will for life in tablet forms, in all details of the gloomy hospital scenery, walking along the edge of the abyss.

These 68 photos have found their way to the public through the social network Instagram, on a dedicated profile called bolji.života. The word pun itself, along with the works, indicate a simple fact that life is one and only - at its beginning as well as before its end; and the greatest thing is to rejoice in it, in every single day.

The exhibition is followed by a concert held by Nietzsche associates - musicians, stage colleagues, who will perform their own version of the musical compositions on this occasion, the demo versions of which were conceived and recorded by Miki Ničić during the treatment in hospital rooms of Vienna, Belgrade, and Tel Aviv.

Miroslav Ničić, former guitar player of Belgrade band Zemlja Gruva, was known as Nietzsche on the stage. After the birth of Lana and Val, who are now 4 and 6 respectively, he wished everyone would start calling him Tata Miki. And he, Tata Miki, during the three and a half years of his leukemia treatment, composed an entire album of songs dedicated to his family. To the joy and shock of the medical professionals and other patients, he played, sang and recorded the demo versions in the hospital rooms of Belgrade, Vienna and Tel Aviv. Nietzsche's associates - musicians, stage colleagues, will perform his latest musical compositions at the concert in their own interpretation. Some of these musical arrangements are for children, some are for teenagers, some are for adults, and some are harsher than that. The arrangements of some of Belgrade's key bands and performers jointly reflect an exciting interior landscape that Nietzsche had left.

Tata Miki projekat

Tickets for the concert amount to RSD 500 and all proceeds will be donated to Together for New Life Association in order to continue playing the eponymous production recently staged on the National Theater stage, performed by patients who have successfully undergone an organ transplantation process.

The exhibition will be opened at the Cultural Center Grad on Monday, November 18th, at 8 p.m., while the concert will take place also at the at the Cultural Center Grad on Saturday, November 23rd.