Care for employees as the best prevention of burnout syndrome
20. Nov 2019.
Burnout syndrome is the state of chronic stress leading to physical and emotional exhaustion, as well as feeling of inefficiency along with lack of achievements, it was sad at the public discussion ‘A Cup of Coffee with a Psychologist’.

The World Health Organization has recently included burnout syndrome in its handbook International Classification of Diseases, thus health professionals will be able to diagnose it as a medical condition.

There is no burnout study in Serbia at the moment, but according to research conducted in Europe, 25 percent of employees acquired this syndrome and thereafter became unable to perform their jobs adequately. ‘When employees reach such state, it does not mean that they need to change their jobs or look for another one, but rather to consult a psychologist, which is still a taboo in Serbia’, said one of the panelists, psychologist and assistant professor at the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Milica Vukelić.

Hemofarm Fondacija Burnout

Director of GI group HR solutions Olga Svoboda explained what are the symptoms of burnout syndrome – employees arrive late, they are unable to work, they do not show up at work, go on sick leave, and thus fail to complete tasks listed in their job description. ‘Feeling of inferiority also appears if employee is dedicated to work and achieves results, but is ignored. Questioning and loss of confidence in own competence ensue, and consequentially a decline in every aspect. Any company that wants to be successful must know that it can only achieve success if its employees are satisfied. This causes the need to support employees on time to avoid burnout’, said Svoboda.

Communication and cooperative atmosphere are of utmost importance at work place. ‘I know of two examples of severely impaired health. On both occasions, burnout happened after the superiors had been changed. In one example, the person never returned to reality after burnout. The other person changed profession completely’, said Andrea Brbaklić, director of FromA Consulting and former director of Communication Service and Human Resources Service at Erste bank. ‘Unfortunately, the dangers of burnout are still not recognized in Serbia as an overwhelming phenomenon. It is recognized abroad in large companies because employees are their key resource, especially at the time when it is not easy to find good workers, and even if they are found, they are hard to keep’, said Svoboda and pointed out that ‘burnout is the product of toxic work environment, it attacks professional integrity, and companies are obliged to take care of employees”.

To encourage the public to seek professional help in such situations, Hemofarm Foundation launched the project ‘A Cup of Coffee with a Psychologist’. ‘This is the second seasons, and the topics covered so far include depression, stress at work, addiction, and others, because we realized that such public discussions are greatly needed by the society. All public discussions are uploaded on the YouTube channel of Hemofarm Foundation and have high number of views, some of them even more than 100,000 views’, said director of Hemofarm Foundation Suzana Đorđević, announcing the new public discussion on the topic of ‘Holiday Euphoria vs. Holiday Depression’ for 17 December.

‘A Cup of Coffee with a Psychologist’ is a project implemented by Hemofarm Foundation in partnership with Dorćol Platz Art Commune and supported by the Institute of Psychology of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

Hemofarm Fondacija Burnout