New Scholarship Holders of the Hemofarm Foundation Announced
Traditionally at the end of the year, Hemofarm Foundation awarded the 2019/2020 scholarship agreements to the best students of state-owned faculties and said goodbye to the previous generation of scholarship holders at the event organized to mark this occasion. The Hemofarm Foundation scholarship programme has existed for 26 years. During that time it supported more than 3,400 best students and also provided many of them with their first post-graduate employment.

Nova generacija stipendista 2019/2020

At the ceremony specially held to honour the new scholarship holders, the CEO of Hemofarm, Dr Ronald Seeliger, pointed out that the selected scholarship holders were not just the ambassadors of the company and its foundation, but also of the profession they represent. ’They are among the best in their generation and we are honoured to be able to help them at the time when support is often most important – during their college days. Without doubt, they will grow to be excellent experts and I hope that they will continue to build their careers in Serbia’, said CEO of Hemofarm.

Ronald Seeliger, generalni direktor Hemofarma AD pozdravlja novu generaciju stipendista 2019-2020

In addition to financial aid, scholarship holders of the Foundation have the opportunity within the Mentorship Programme to cooperate with experts from different areas, and to expand their knowledge by working directly with managers from Hemofarm for several months. The Hemofarm Foundation has conceived the internship programme as another form of support to scholarship holders in cooperation with other institutions. This programme provides students with practical knowledge and work experience in Serbia and Germany which is much needed by them after they graduate.

Izlozba fotografija sa Internship studijske posete Nemackoj

As director of the Hemofarm Foundation Suzana Đorđević said, the importance of support provided by this Foundation to young experts was precisely in giving the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge, but also the first chance to get a job. ’Many of our scholarship holders got their first jobs in Hemofarm, and some of them still work here, decades later. During that period they have been promoted, so now, as directors and top managers, they act as mentors to the current scholarship holders, which means that we give young people a chance to learn from the best’.

Suzana Djordjevic, direktorka Hemofarm fondacije urucuje zahvalnicu stipendisti Ivanu Nackovu za ucesce u Programu za obrazovanje

Participants in the Hemofarm Foundation programme from the previous generation spoke to young students about the specific opportunities provided by this scholarship. Former scholarship holders Dunja Trifunov and Anđela Postolović are now employees of Hemofarm, while Marija Vučić presented her experience as a participant of the complete programme for education of Hemofarm Foundation ‘You Can Do It’.

Mentori, mentiji, zaposleni u Hemofarm fondaciji sa generalnim direktorom Seeligerom