‘A Cup of Coffee with a Psychologist’ - All You Need is Love
14. Feb 2020.
February 14th, 6 PM to 8 PM, Dorćol Platz, 59b Dobračina St.

After a huge success in the previous season, a new cycle of Hemofarm Foundation’s ‘A Cup of Coffee with a Psychologist’ panel talks has been continued this February. Symbolically, on Valentine’s Day, a series of talks with a psychologist will be opened with the topic of love, and Dr Sanda Stanković, psychologist at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Ana Maria Rossi, director of the awarded movie ‘Ajvar’, and Ivan Medenica, art director of Bitef, and professor and theatrologist, together with the host of the panel talk Dragan Ilić, psychologist and journalist of the weekly ‘Vreme’, will talk about the significance of emotions in the life of every person.

With an intention to remind the public that love as well as life should be celebrated every day, we set up a thesis ‘All You Need is Love’ at Dorćol Platz (59 b Dobračina St) on February 14th from 6 PM to 8 PM, and talk with the participants about the importance of love, family and social relationships, how much this holiday helps or harms general candour, as well as of the love in the era of e-mail, social networks and emoticons.

The cycle of Hemofarm Foundation’s ’A Cup of Coffee with a Psychologist’ panel talks has been implemented for the second year in a row, in partnership with the Institute of Psychology of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and Dorćol Platz Art Commune. In the previous panel talks, renowned experts and famous persons discussed current topics such as depression, stress at work, career vs. family balance, divorce, addiction problems, how to deal with a disease or finding out that a person close to us has a severe disease, as well as how to limit the use of electronic devices to children. The discussed topics are additionally elaborated through the blogs of psychologists and psychotherapists, which are available on the Internet site of Hemofarm Foundation, while video recordings of previous workshops are available on the Foundation’s Youtube channel.

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