Self-isolation is the greatest solidarity we can show one another
23. Mar 2020.
We are witnessing a unique event in our lives caused by the coronavirus that has swept over the entire world and caused people to feel fear of the unknown, tension and uncertainty. Health systems in all countries are on the edge of collapse, as is the entire global economy. (Self) isolation is recommended as a type of measure to preserve one's own health, that of the family and the community at large.

Having recognized the moment at which the entire world, including Serbia, have found themselves, Hemofarm Foundation has organized the panel discussion “A Cup of Coffee with a Psychologist’, without audience and discussed with the renowned psychologists and psychotherapists from Serbia and Croatia the topic ‘How to Preserve Mental Health in the Time of Coronavirus?’

The panel participants, ass. dr Kaja Damnjanović, Assistant Professor, Laboratory for Experimental Psychology, Psychology Department, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade, Ana Perović, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, Zagreb, prof. Milan Latas, PhD, Psychiatry Specialist, Psychiatry Clinic at the Clinical Center of Serbia, Dragan Ilić, psychologist and journalist have concluded that ‘we are all in the same state of collective anxiety’ and that it is important that the public is aware of the fact that ‘this situation is transient and what is most important at the moment is that people stay in (self) isolation as this is the way to show the greatest solidarity with each other.’

You can see the video of the panel discussion at the YouTube channel of Hemofarm foundation

In order to point out the importance of mental health and encourage the public to seek help from experts, Hemofarm Foundation has launched the project A Cup of Coffee with a Psychologist, with the aim to influence general public's awareness that mental health must be taken care of in the same way as physical health, and that mental health disorders are not a personal weakness, but rather a health problem for which there is an adequate solution if expert assistance is sought in time.

A Cup of Coffee with a Psychologist project has been conceived as a series of free-of-charge sessions with psychologists in which all interested parties can get an insight into particular psychological conditions and obtain advice on whom to address for getting support. The panel talks are an opportunity to talk about mental health openly with experts – psychologists and psychiatrists, as well as with the representatives of relevant institutions and public figures who have personally coped with some of the problems in their life.

A Cup of Coffee with a Psychologist project has been implemented with the support of the Psychology Institute within the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, and in partnership with Art Commune Dorćol Platz.