27 years of Hemofarm Foundation
02. May 2020.
Hemofarm Foundation celebrates the 27th anniversary in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic when the health of the entire planet is threatened, and the support to the healthcare system is responsibility of each of us.

In efforts to achieve its mission, CARING FOR PEOPLE’S HEALTH, at the beginning of the crisis, Hemofarm Foundation donated 5 million dinars to the cities of Vršac and Šabac, where manufacturing facilities of the company Hemofarma are located, so that they could tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and support the most vulnerable population.

In March and April 2020, the Foundation focused its work on informing the public about precautions against coronavirus and psycho-social support through the panels ‘A Cup of Coffee with a Psychologist’ and blogs of psychologists and psychotherapists on preservation of physical and mental health. The work of Hemofarm Foundation has been recognized by the public at the time of the crisis - we were selected as one of the 15 most followed company profiles on Instagram in Serbia in March 2020, as the only Foundation.

‘The crisis we all have found ourselves in is just a confirmation that we must do what we have been doing for 60 years through Hemofarm and for 27 years through our foundation – Caring for People’s Health – even more decisively in the future. We remain a trusted partner to the state not only in fighting the coronavirus, but also in promoting responsible behavior to citizens and the community we operate in’, said Ronald Seeliger, Hemofarm’s CEO.

‘In a crisis like this, the most important thing is to show responsibility and solidarity. We have been doing this from the very beginning - we care for people's health, improve the quality of service in the healthcare system, support young people, future leaders of positive change in the society and invest in people and ideas that are the engine of modern society's development. We continued to do so during the coronavirus pandemic. For the past 27 years, we have been talking out loud about topics that have not received wide public support, such as organ donation and transplantation, we have fought for each individual's life because people’s health is of paramount importance to us and we have never compromised on that’, Suzana Đorđević, Director of Hemofarm Foundation said.

In the 27 years of our existence, we have implemented 2200 activities worth 13 million euros. We have invested in clinical and hospital centers, primary healthcare centers, supported 3480 young people, future leaders in communities, and established the Excellence Award to support the ideas and projects of individuals, organizations and institutions that change the face of society for the better. About 80 distinguished individuals have written for our blog - ambassadors, doctors, psychologists, philanthropists, writers, musicians on physical, mental health and social responsibility.

27. rodjendan Hemofarm fondacije

Important and most recognized projects of Hemofarm Foundation are the campaign ‘Wholeheartedly’, which in the period from 2015 to 2019 alone implemented a program of support for more than 50 health institutions in Serbia, campaigns on donation and transplantation of organs ‘The Most Important Call in Life’ and ‘I am a Donor, too. Because I Support Serbia’, aimed at increasing the number of donors in Serbia, the project ‘A Cup of Coffee with a Psychologist’ that was launched to influence the public's awareness that mental health needs to be taken care of as much as the physical one, as well as that the problems concerning mental health are not personal weakness, but a health issue for which there is an adequate solution if professional help is sought on time. The panels discussed depression, stress at work, addiction, mental health at the time of the coronavirus, etc. Some of the panels have more than 200,000 views on the Foundation's YouTube channel.

At the initiative of Hemofarm Foundation, the Law on Transplantation of Human Organs has been adopted and the National Donor Day established (6 June). Numerous PEOPLE TO PEOPLE actions have been implemented in which Hemofarm’s and the Foundation’s employees have participated, ranging from voluntary blood donations, greening actions to collecting various humanitarian aid for the most vulnerable citizens of Serbia.

For its work and social engagement, Hemofarm Foundation has received numerous awards in the past 27 years, and in the last five years alone it has won 24 awards, including the STADA Best Practice Award, and in 2017 it was named the leading foundation in Serbia.

Hemofarm Foundation is a member of the Government of Serbia Philanthropy Council, the AHK CSR-SDG Working Group, National Alliance for Local Economic Development - NALED Advisory Board and the Serbian Philanthropic Forum.