New Session Of A Cup Of Coffee With A Psychologist
Serbia is a society with deeply rooted prejudices and stereotypes, mostly related to gender equality, ethnic background as well as prejudices against various minority groups. Inconsiderate labeling of people can often lead to long-lasting, and in some cases even fatal consequences, and it is very pronounced towards people suffering from mental illness. We will talk about the origin of such prejudices and stereotypes and the ways to overcome them at the panel session ‘A Cup of Coffee with a Psychologist’ on Wednesday, 3 November, beginning at 6 PM, at the premises of Dorcol Platz. You can confirm your attendance by e-mail:, until Wednesday, 3 November, at noon. In order to protect the health of participants and visitors of the panel session, attendance will be allowed only to persons holding the Certificate of Vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative PCR test. During the panel session, wearing face masks will be mandatory. The panel session ‘A Cup of Coffee with a Psychologist’ is a part of the campaign ‘Unbreakable’ which is aimed at raising the awareness of public about the importance of preserving mental health and creating a social movement for fighting depression and the stigma accompanying the affected persons.